Some Have Spirit Most Don’t

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In my opinion, CHS could not have less school spirit.

As a sophomore and an active participant of field hockey, water polo, softball, swim, and all spirit week activities, it is embarrassing to see our lack of school spirit.

Last year, on Halloween, I went all out for my costume, and I had a full face of makeup on, I was in heels, and I was so proud of my costume. I walk onto campus, and I see about 10 kids out of the entire school dressed up. We were asked to wear certain colors based on our grade level, and nearly no one wore the right color or even any of the colors. In my opinion, I believe no one wants to represent our school because they don’t like the colors, or they are ashamed to be a student at CHS. Personally, I dress up for every spirit week. I believe each activity is a great opportunity to have fun with your outfits without getting criticized for wearing something off the trend.

It is depressing to see the students hide their school spirit.

If teachers started offering extra credit for participating in spirit week, more students would definitely dress-up. I know a few kids who struggle in certain classes, so when teachers offer small amounts of extra credit, those students should feel obligated to participate. If the students don’t take part in spirit week when extra credit could be given, they obviously care more about the way people see them than their education.

As an athlete participating in sports throughout the entire school year, I am proud to represent my team and my school.

I joined field hockey because I wanted to try sports that I had never played before. Even though the team is small, and has almost no support from anyone in the school, the girls were so accepting and helped me to become a better athlete.

I joined water polo because I wanted to push my limits as an athlete. The team is so bonded, we are basically a family. The coaches know how to push me to my limits and make me into an all-around, better athlete.

I joined softball because I was eager to contribute my skills to the school team. The coaches did so much for the girls, and the girls were constantly looking for a win. The only people who show even the slightest amount of school spirit are the athletes. They realize when they play other schools, they are representing CHS.

Basically, our school has no spirit. Many kids believe they are too cool or too old to dress up for spirit week. Some students refuse to sign up for sports because they don’t like the coach or the kids on the team.

It is depressing to see students who have no interest in representing CHS.


Summer Keegan, Tri-Sport Chieftain Athlete