Chieftain Sports Has Spirit

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I believe that our school does have school spirit. I am on the varsity volleyball team, and I have seen a lot of spirit on our team, and within any sports team.

We have pep rallies, dances, and sports where many people come to watch and show their spirit. All of the teams at the pep rallies show their colors and get the crowd rallied up. I think just by watching anyone participating in a sport and seeing the bonding and energy within the team would make you want to join.

I was also on the water polo team last year, and we also had a lot of spirit and showed it by making posters for other players, and putting orange and blue zinc on our face. We would cheer each other on if we were waiting to get put in, and everyone would have a positive attitude and make sure no one felt bad if they made a mistake. It’s important you support your teammates so they will want to do better and become a stronger player.

Sports definitely show spirit, but other than that it is less obvious. In the hallways, there are posters with orange and blue on them, and some of the classes are orange or blue, but that is the only on campus spirit you can see.

When we have spirit week, only some of the students participate, and most of the school doesn’t. Most of the students who wear the daily category of spirit are involved in something else within the school, like theatre, a team, or band. The other people who go to this school and don’t participate in anything normally don’t dress up for spirit week.

Shea Herndon, Girls Varsity Volleyball