School Spirit For A Price

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Well anyone could play a sport just because they like the challenge even cheerleaders, though it can be assumed they do it for the spirit. I have never been to a game, and I still don’t plan to, I don’t like sports, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have spirit. I proudly wear Clairemont shirts at school and in public, but I don’t feel like doing anything extra.

Some (students) do like sports and play on our teams or being a cheerleader but it doesn’t mean they have spirit. We also have days where we gotta wear jerseys or our school colors, but when students wear those jerseys or school colors, it could be for extra credit. Like today I was told to wear blue, and if I did I would get extra credit, that’s the only reason why I wore a blue shirt. Usually, I would just grab a white shirt that looks like one of my Clairemont shirts and go to school.

You can’t force people to have spirit, it is impossible unless you want fake school spirit. Force people to watch the games, they’ll talk to their friends, and tell them that they can get extra credit for wearing a specific type of shirt.

Well thanks for the extra credit and sorry that I don’t feel any different for the school. But if our school gets in the news for winning a big game or maybe winning a spelling bee, then the students of our school will take pride that they’re in Clairemont, but even that pride won’t last. A week later they will no longer care, and they’ll just go on with their day.

I’m not saying everyone doesn’t have spirit, there definitely are people, I’m just saying that it’s gonna be impossible to make students care about how their school does. If a team loses well then people aren’t gonna like it or maybe never even care about it, that’s my opinion.

Jack Travis, sophomore