Having School Spirit Takes Time

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In my opinion, it depends on the grade level for the school spirit. I believe this because seniors have been here for a while and they enjoy the spirit and like to make noise, and since it is their last year here, they want to make the best out of it. However, sophomores and freshmen, probably don’t have that much spirit since they aren’t used to it at schools so they are slowly building up to it but then later they will eventually have it.

Sometimes it can be different coming that there may be a reward if you do such as extra credit or a party. I’m a sophomore so I don’t have as much as other people but I will eventually. It really depends on what it is that I should be excited for such as pep rallies and football games.

I do believe that Clairemont does have a lot of school spirit and possibly the most in the district but that is also just my opinion. I also think that sports teams such as football have the most in the school. Everyone goes to the game and goes crazy even if we lose or not. I feel like our school has more spirit and excitement than an NFL game with a packed stadium.

Another section of our school that has a lot of school spirit is our ASB staff. One person from ASB probably has more school spirit than the entire senior class of 2019. We do have fun Fridays though which is when the school plays music in the quad and has these little games. There are some other things that the school could do to boost up the excitement such as parties and some other stuff.

Tyler Lovell, sophomore