Incentives Needed For School Spirit

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In my opinion as a runner for the Cross Country team at Clairemont, our school spirit is lacking. Not many people go to football, water polo, or any sports games held by the school. Not many people participate in spirit week either. If anyone ever does, it’s for extra credit from their teachers. We need to have a push on school spirit as it is slowly dying out.

Our football team has not been doing very well this year and never has done well. We have too many kids on the team that do not care about the game and mess around while they should be putting in hard work to make themselves better. I have hung around the type of kids that are on the team and a small percentage of them do not care about winning or even playing football. There are still kids who care about the game and work hard to try to win but its the guys that do not want to work hard that hold the team back. Even the cheerleading squad, only a small amount of them have a smile on their faces while cheering on the football players. If these kids had a higher incentive to do better and work harder, we would win more games.

Sports that have been doing well, such as water polo and cross country (are different). More people go to those games than the football games because they are actually winning. Last year, boys water polo won in CIF and boys cross country did really well. If we try to make an equal distribution for encouraging these teams to win, all of the teams will do better because more kids will be more proud of their school.

In my opinion, if the school spirit wasn’t so forced and the kids liked their academics more, school spirit would grow in everyone. If we also had more incentives to be enthusiastic about our school, then more kids will be willing to do it. Without a bandwagon for anyone to hop on, teens will not want to stand out just to support the school.

Mark Blanquet, sophomore