Clairemomt High School Student Admitted Into His Dream School

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Clairemomt High School Student Admitted Into His Dream School

Audrey Cummings, Copy Editor

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All children have dreams and aspirations: to become an astronaut, engineer or actress. For Nick Davidson, lifetime Clairemont resident and CHS student, attending San Diego State University was always his hope, and on April 30th, his dream came true.


Davidson spent most of his free time while attending Bay Park Elementary on the basketball courts. “At the time, I hoped to pursue a career in basketball,” said Davidson.


Davidson always towered above his peers, and he used his immense height to excel in sports of all varieties. By the time Davidson attended Clairemont High School, he became drawn to numerous other sports, such as football and track and field. “I really liked the high jump, and my height and basketball background put me at an advantage over others,” stated Davidson.


Davidson’s classmates always thought that his career would be as a professional athlete. Totee Setthechuea, a friend of Davidson, recalled “We all knew Nick would be a professional basketball player. He has worn the same SDSU basketball shirt since he was 5 years old!” Davidson too thought he would pursue basketball as a career, but as he matured he found interest in a different passion.


Kinesiology was the career path Davidson became invested in. “After I took the Sports Medicine course here at Clairemont, I realized that it would be something I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Davidson proclaimed. With his previous knowledge in sports, Davidson had first hand experience to apply to his field.


Kela Ternasky, Davidson’s classmate, said, “He was really involved in the lectures, and was able to contribute to our discussions and help other students when they were struggling with their assignments.”


Davidson found his passion in assisting other athletes like himself. Luckily for Davidson, his dream school of SDSU had a Kinesiology program, so even though his desires at the college changed, his dream of attending the university was still possible to pursue.


After applying to two local universities, Cal State San Marcos and SDSU, Davidson played a long waiting game as he anticipated his admittance. On April 30, almost a month after most received their letters of acceptance, Davidson was notified that he was one out of few who was admitted into SDSU’s Kinesiology program.


“I was beyond ecstatic,” Davidson overjoyed, “ It feels amazing to see all of your hard-work pay off.” Davidson is currently interning at USD Athletic Training facility, excited to convert his studies into a career.

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Clairemomt High School Student Admitted Into His Dream School