Five Reasons Why it’s Okay to be Single

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Five Reasons Why it’s Okay to be Single

Isabela Gallardo, Staff Writer

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You Learn to Have Higher Standards

While you are growing up and getting to know yourself, you shouldn’t settle.Too many people crave for a relationship and settle for the first person with affection that comes their way.You have a right to have high standards and you deserve what is best for you.

Tessa Gonzalez a sophomore here at Clairemont agrees and says, ”If you aren’t looking for a relationship, you won’t end up “settling, ”You keep your standards high and your eyes open.”


You can figure yourself out

When you focus your time pleasing someone else, you put yourself second. You must first really know yourself to be able to be in a healthy relationship; however, when you’re young it’s rare that you already know everything about yourself. Take the time to grow and mature so that you can know that you don’t have to have someone else to be happy.

Johnny Hernandez a junior here at Clairemont agrees that being single gives you more time to grow and mature. Johnny stated, ”Going out in the world and facing challenges by yourself can be kind of scary sometimes, but it makes you more independent and teaches you to be more social.”


Focusing on your friends

Relationships can sometimes push friends away,  So, when you’re single make sure that your friend relationships are healthy before getting into couple type relationships. It’s not that your boyfriend and friends suddenly start to not like each other, the tension can be rooted in the fact that your free time is being cut in half. Making sure that your friends likes the person you are dating can be a lot easier when you have a healthy relationship to start. So build a strong relation between your friend before your start a relationship.

Emerson Sand, a junior here at Clairemont High School, believes that spending time with your friends is key to being happy in life. He says he lives by bro code #1:  “choose your friends over girls.” Since Sand has shifted his time to being with friends, he has noticed less stress and more time to reflect on himself.


Focusing on your physical health

The main reason why people tend to indulge in junk food is because emotional insecurity and/or lack of time. When you are single you have all the time you need to cook for yourself. Along with healthy eating habits, you will also have more time to get in a good workout. A bad breakup can sometimes be the best motivation to getting in shape.

Danny Sabin a freshmen here at Clairemont agrees adding, ”Not being in a relationship means you will go out less and have more time to yourself.”


Dating around

Dating doesn’t always have to mean finding “the one.” Dating doesn’t even mean being committed to one person, it means going on double dates, movie nights and just having fun so you can explore what you like in a significant other. It can teach you to be more selective in the types of people you date. Summer is right around the corner; you don’t want to be tied down to one person, get out and have fun.  

Lance Madriaga a junior at Clairemont High School, has both negative and positive feelings on dating around.  He stated, ”The upside to dating around is meeting new people, going new places. Everything happens for a reason, so if something doesn’t work out,  don’t stress it.”

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Five Reasons Why it’s Okay to be Single