Robert Dean’s Journey Through Gospel

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Robert Dean’s Journey Through Gospel

Kasey Flowers, Editor-in-Chief

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The patron saint of Clairemont High School, Robert Dean, is seen as a protector, a confidant, and a coach. However, besides being a mentor and the school security guard, he is also a rising talent in the field of gospel music.


The fact of the matter is, he’s been singing his entire life, so his ascent in the world of Christian inspiration music is no surprise.  He was was raised in a strict Christian home where music played a very important role in his childhood and his development throughout his life. Even as he reached adolescence, Dean knew that he desired to become a Gospel recording artist.


However it was not until 2012, after years of practice and dedication, Dean took his lifelong passion of singing to the next level when he decided to become a recording artist. This leap made sense to Dean as he felt that he had both the talent and the work ethic to propel himself to success the music industry.


He has also made friends (and music) with some of the top recording artists in the field. Dean has formed “a great relationship” with five-time Grammy Award winning artist Yolanda Adams. Dean even cites her as an inspiration for his musical success. Beyond just Adams, Dean has formed relationships with other Grammy Award winning artists such as three time Grammy award winning Gospel Legend Karen Clark Sheard, another of his personal inspirations. And he has done work for movie producer Tyler Perry.


Dean finds that the greatest cause of his success, “has been the relationships (with other artists) I’ve formed over the years.” And he wants other up-and-coming artists to know that “relationships go a long way in the music industry.” Dean finds that forming bonds with other recording artists has helped him propel further than he could’ve on his own in the industry.


Despite not being able to commit 100% of his time and effort to his music —  due to his many other responsibilities, Dean is patient. He finds that it’s best that he’s “pacing himself” since he’s paying for everything out of his own pocket. Doing things this way, does have its benefits, however, Dean owns all of his music and his branding which allows him to determine how he’s “promoted and pushed.”


Nor has the lack of a major label stifled his growth. Dean has performed at San Diego State multiple times singing the National Anthem prior to sporting events such as track meets, basketball games and volleyball matches. Along with this extensive performance record, Dean has also found himself as the star musician for “Aids Awareness” events and at former Padres owner Kevin Towers’ funeral.


Music to Dean, however, goes beyond just performing in front of massive audiences. He finds that his music makes a real impact on those who listen due to the Christian message in all his work citing accounts from multiple Clairemont High School students who told him that the music “made them happy” because of the Holy themes and message.


Dean’s reach goes far beyond just Clairemont High. Dean recounted how parents from San Diego High, where he coaches track, have told him that instead of playing “that cussing rap music” their children instead play him.


While reminiscing over those he’s helped Dean recounted how his song “It’s Not Over” helped uplift a woman through her bout with cancer. Falling directly in line with how he views the way music should affect people. Dean believes that, “music should be a positive reinforcement, inspirational, encouraging and enlightening” a facet of his music that is refreshing in today’s industry. To Dean, Gospel music is the “truth.” This is because he finds that, “It is the good word of Jesus Christ and it inspires, encourages and speaks life to people.”


When asked to give a few inspirational words to newer artists Dean provided this insight, to “never give up, and stay focused.” He went on to say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day and things take time. Timing is everything.”


Dean reinforces that hard work does pay off, that by taking the right path with no shortcuts success is possible. Robert Dean is more than just an artist, he is an inspiration to those who aspire to be something. Dean through his own will and his tenacity has begun to make waves in the Gospel genre; he may be the only school security in nation to achieve this level of success.


Clairemont High School teacher Mark Colombo finds that, “Robert not only provides a safety to the students, but inspires them on a day to day basis.” Students at Clairemont High School appreciate having such a soulful, kind and endearing man as the security guard day in and day out. Clairemont High School senior, Isaiah Swain, views Robert’s music as, “positive and a way to brighten people’s mood.”


Another Senior, Kayla Valentine said, “it made me feel like it was Sunday morning,” inspired by the words of Jesus Christ, Robert Dean is able to make any day of the week feel like a Sunday morning mass.


Robert Dean is truly a class act on all levels. He is a dedicated mentor and protector as well as a talented independent musical artist. Robert Dean truly is a Clairemont school treasure and is cherished as such for his important impact on the school community as a whole.

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Robert Dean’s Journey Through Gospel