Badminton Stars Crush Opposition

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Badminton Stars Crush Opposition

Aldo Arboleya, Staff Writer

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In a culture where grit, perseverance and tenacity are undervalued, athletic excellence remains an admirable feat.  CHS sophomore Kayla Hall is the personal embodiment of athletic accomplishment. A tri-sport athlete, Hall participated in badminton, softball and volleyball this year.


It’s badminton where she stood out as a star this past year, despite the fact that it was her first year in the sport.  


Hall focused on softball in her youth. From the age of six on, she participated in  competitive softball. This provided a basis for all her future athletic endeavors. Upon entering high school, she was ready to branch out and experiment with new sports.


Hall was influenced by friends, Wendoly Sepulveda and Chloe Fulton, to try a new sport for the spring. Hall decided to begin playing badminton her sophomore year, ¨I find it very fun being able to compete with friends and other badminton players,¨ said Hall.  The positive attitude of the coach and other teammates sparked Hall’s love for this sport.


Coach Knuppel also contributed to the team’s positive attitude, “He’s very talented and he helps out a lot to create a lot of spirit and pride in the team,” shared Hall. Any great coach sets limits on their players.  Knuppel set limits that helped everyone get along. The team coalesced and everyone became very supportive to one another during games and when practicing.


All players are very positive and are always striving to improve their game. They gave their all every game.  No matter what the outcome of their previous game, they always kept their heads high and worked to fix their mistakes.


Hall struggled at first; she had to learn all the skill shots and movements to perform better in her games. While trying to learn all the movements and shots she struggled to learn how to get up quickly after falling while in a game. Some of the movements caused the fall down. After hours of practice she learned everything and really began to have fun with the sport while competing with others.


Unfortunately after an amazing fun season of badminton, Hall is not sure if she will be playing badminton for the rest of her high school years. She stated  that she will go back to softball at a different high school program and play for that season and see if her love for softball sparks again. There is still a possibility she will play badminton her senior year but for now only time will tell what will to her love for badminton.