Freshman Lennyn Carreon Gets Invite from Mexican Soccer Club

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Freshman Lennyn Carreon Gets Invite from Mexican Soccer Club

Nicholas Davidson, Staff Writer

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A star in the making, Clairemont High School freshman Lennyn Carreon has dominated the soccer scene here in San Diego, and is on route to become a professional player down in Mexico.


Carreon’s unique blend of speed, skill, and understanding of the game at 15 years old is uncanny, and has caught the attention of Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, a first division Liga MX team in Mexico.


CHS soccer coach Jon Beaubien maintains the highest regard for his young prodigy, stating, “Of my thirty years of coaching, he is one of the best players, let alone freshman, that I’ve ever had the pleasure to coach.” Fellow CHS coach Scott Bello agreed with Beaubien, sharing the same praise, “Lennyn is one of the best players I’ve ever had. He can turn games and make players around him better.”


CHS teacher and soccer fan Gary Jimenez is also a huge fan of Gallos Blancos, stating, “I hope to retire in Querétaro in a couple of years, so having a San Diego connection would be nice. The city is beautiful, and being able to watch Lennyn play there would be a pleasure.”


Gallos Blancos first reached out to Carreon at 13 years old, and brought him down to Mexico for a trial with other prospects around his age. His skill was so great even then that he was offered the chance  to leave California, so he could live in Queretaro, Mexico to train with the team, but he declined, as he realized this type of commitment would greatly affect his youthful freedom.


He continued to keep in touch with Gallos Blancos though, and this year they recalled him down to Mexico to once again try out for the club, and once again he was trained with the first team, but still felt a commitment of this magnitude would not be ideal at his age. Carreon stated, “We still keep in touch, but at this point I’m not ready to move away from California.  Maybe when I’m 17 or 18.”


Here in San Diego, Carreon is a major asset on the Albion under 16 team, a premier club in Southern California. CHS soccer captain Spencer Ronk noted his teammates skill, saying “Lennyn is very competitive; a high caliber prospect with a bright future.” His dominance in the club scene not only caught the attention of Gallos Blancos, but also the US under 16 National Team.  Of the National Team Carreon says (it is), “… a very different level of play in comparison to high school or even club.”  In comparison to pro and national level play, high school sports simply can’t compare due to the amateur level of play.

Carreon does participate on the high school team as well, against the request of the national team and professional level coaches with whom he interacts.  Carreon has no regrets about his decision to play for the Chiefs, and  although the team underperformed this year, he was thrilled to partake in a season with his brother, Kevin, by his side.


Carreon stated, “I’ve never been able to play competitively with my brother before, so getting to play with him during his senior year was something I valued a lot.” Kevin certainly doesn’t doubt the skill of his brother either. Kevin stated, “If I’m honest, Lennyn is 10x better than me.” A modest answer from a competitive, yet still supportive brother.


For now, Carreon will stay here in San Diego tearing up the pitch, but beware; Carreon is on track to be broadcast across soccer stations everywhere, probably sooner than some may think.