Adrian Flores From Football to Rap

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Adrian Flores From Football to Rap

Aldo Arboleya, Staff Writer

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From football player to SoundCloud rapper, Clairemont High School senior Adrian Flores has created a legacy that will not soon be forgotten.


Flores started his rapping career with his first song “Gang S*** .”  His sudden artistic outburst came as a surprise to everyone.

He was known for playing d-end, guard and being a big playmaker on and off the field. However, all changed when he tore his meniscus almost a year ago. Flores had to stop playing football along with other sports like basketball. That’s where rap came in it helped him get his mind off of it and it got him in a better place mentally. Flores’ interest in rap he explains, has helped him free his mind because of its ability to put him in a different mind set.

Flores released the song on March 18, and it already has almost 200 plays on Soundcloud. He is gaining popularity and is expected to improve even more with his next song.“We all heard Flores rap at lunch with no beat and we noticed that he could rhyme like nothing” said Omar Cruz, also a senior at CHS.

Of course rap isn’t the easiest industry to work in  because all kinds of bad things can happen — like drug abuse or depression. There are also great things you can get from the industry like wealth and fame. Most people have to work hard to actually make a living from rap, and  Flores knows this all too well. “Not sure if I will ever get big, but nowadays all you need is one hit and just keep spitting fire to stay big”.

He knows it only takes one song, one project, one chance. Many aspiring rappers will be on a grind for years and produce one song that makes them famous. He also knows if he does not take the risk, there will be no opportunity, and he can’t make it big.

His motivation to produce a song was largely based on a whim, Flores said “To be honest, it was nothing major, it was a freestyle. We were having fun in the car rapping to an instrumental.” For someone to make a song out of just a freestyle while having fun shows that he has talent and could really make something of himself.

Flores has a different flow and sound to his rap, which he attributes to some of the strongest influences on his music, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. These rappers are known for being very lyrical; they don’t really sound like the new wave of rap that is becoming popular now, such as Lil Pump and 6ix9ine. Old school rap is still prefered by many people.

Flores elaborated that “Being sidelined was a big change, because I had always wanted to play football, and it was all taken from me with one injury”. Despite that, he still keeps a positive attitude towards everything. When Flores was asked who helped him with his rap and his beat he had to shout out his producer Ruben a  sophomore known by his nickname TTR who also attends Clairemont High School. He created the beat and produced the song for him.

It’s obvious that Flores has a positive attitude towards his rap career now all we have to do is sit back and see him rise to fame. Now just publish this already.