Taylor Samuel Stars As Student Teacher

Zachary Daudet

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Passion. It’s what makes people love what they do. For Clairemont High School student teacher Taylor Samuel, teaching is her passion.


Samuel, for those who did not have her, was easily spotted by her full flowing mane of long blonde hair, not to mention her infectious smile. She lit up every room she went in and deeply cared about all of her students.


“From a young age I’ve always been interested in teaching,” said Samuel. “I love teaching because it’s challenging, fun and meaningful.”


Samuel has an interesting background.  She was born in Tennessee, but moved a lot because her dad was in the military. “I lived in Germany, Japan, and all over the United States,” said Samuel. “At times it was hard constantly moving and having to make new friends, but the part I loved was that it was an adventure every day.” At a very young age, Samuel was able to experience new cultures and people that shaped her into a well-rounded person.


Teachers played a very instrumental role in her life growing up. “I had a very good English teacher in high school that inspired me to pursue teaching as a career,” stated Samuel.


Samuel attended UCLA where she graduated in 2015 with a degree in English. After college she began working at the University of San Diego doing marketing for the university. “I liked working at USD, but I knew I wanted to switch careers,” said Samuel.


In September of 2017, Samuel enrolled in an education program at SDSU to earn her teaching credential. Part of that course was to student teach at a high school so Samuel was sent to Clairemont High. “I have loved teaching at Clairemont,” said Samuel. “The students are great and I’ve learned a lot.”


The students have loved her too. Jonah Stratton, a junior in her journalism class, said, “It’s been great having Mrs. Samuel student teach in our class. She has done the impossible: making writing fun.”  Meghan Fennessy, a freshman also in her journalism class, added, “I liked Mrs. Samuel because she treated us like young adults and made us feel confident in our abilities as writers.”


Gary Jimenez, Samuel’s supervising teacher, said, “She was really dynamic.  In addition, she had a special challenge because she was in a difficult elective — Newspaper Journalism.  However, since she has had a ton of experience as a successful freelancer, she really pushed the envelope. I learned a lot about recent trends in journalism from working with her.”


Unfortunately, Samuel has left Clairemont High School to finish her teaching course. Samuel has applied to middle and high schools around the San Diego area. She said, “I’m really excited to be teaching full time next year.”