Freshman Varsity Baseball Star Hits all The Bases

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Freshman Varsity Baseball Star Hits all The Bases

Meghan Fennessy, Staff Writer

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Becoming a professional athlete is one of the hardest jobs to attain; you have to beat the odds. And that is what varsity baseball player Henry Connell is hoping to do. Connell is a freshman at Clairemont High School and a dedicated athlete with a dream to make it to the big leagues.

Most athletes grow up wishing to become professional, but very few make it. For baseball, 0.6% of high schoolers make it to the pros, and 11.6% of college athletes hit Major League Baseball. The statistics only scratch the surface of how truly rigorous the path to playing professionally is. It takes talent and determination to become a professional athlete, not to mention the competition against thousands of other equally talented hopefuls, all fighting for a chance to prove themselves on a pro field, track, or court. However, Connell has a notable chance and MLB-worthy talent.

Unlike most pros, Connell’s start in baseball was not due to inspiration or a touching story, but instead was relatable and realistic. “I’m pretty sure my parents just pushed me into it and I liked it, so that’s how it started.” Connell has played baseball since he was five and over those ten years he has grown into an exceptional athlete; his high skill level and determination are what landed him on varsity as a freshman.

“I’ve been playing really good, actually,” Connell commented on his varsity season so far. “It’s mainly been my pitching. I have four complete games, three of them have been shutouts and I’ve only lost one start.” If Connell continues striving for his dream and working hard to grow as an athlete, he could quite possibly land himself a spot in the MLB.

Connell has the determination and skills to make it, but he also has the resources. “I play for a travel ball team that focuses on getting kids to college through scholarships.” He explained. “So it’s just a matter of me honing in my skills and learning how to compete at a high enough level to be able to play in the MLB.”

Coaches have already noted Connell’s potential, and so have his teammates. “Henry is an outstanding pitcher and athlete. He has performed very well for us this season, becoming one of our most consistent and effective pitchers. It’s great to play defense with him pitching because I know he’s going to give 100% every pitch.” Zach Daudet commented, “I think if Henry keeps working hard, and getting bigger and stronger he may be an MLB player.”

Like most hopefuls, Connell has a back-up plan if his dream of playing for the big leagues doesn’t come true. “If I don’t play professional baseball, I would love to be a Disney Imagineer.” Although the chances are slim, Connell could beat the odds. Who knows, maybe this varsity star will one day find himself in the big leagues.