Clairemont Rappers Saving the Rap Game

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Clairemont Rappers Saving the Rap Game

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The new era of mumble rap has been slowly taking over. And many fans do not like it. However, all hope is not lost; up and coming rapper Brendan Vongsa, a CHS senior, going by the name of ‘Lil Fresh,’ is striving to improve society’s current rap game. He plans to drop his mixtape on May 20th.


Vongsa began his journey by making songs that focus on strong lyrics and storytelling combined with a strong beat to create more emotion in his songs. His inspiration has been his own hardship.


Vongsa had a difficult road growing up; he endured many difficult family and financial issues, and had to learn to take care of himself more quickly than most. After being kicked out of his house by his mother at the age of 15, Vongsa began writing first drafts of lyrics to incorporate them into his songs. “I didn’t plan to rap; I began writing to relieve some stress and eventually they turned into lyrics for some future songs,” shared Vongsa.


After being kicked out the house he moved in with his older brother and some friends, he had to quickly find a job to support himself. Growing up by himself with no parents to support him was not an easy task, he had support from friends and had to continue working. He didn’t have much free time for sports. His only relief from this stress was songwriting.  


All his songs were made with the help of producer and fellow Clairemont High School senior Ruben Sandoval, who created and mixed the beats for him. “The beat I created took some time because I had to figure out what kind of vibe he wanted,” said Sandoval.


Vongsa also takes inspiration from bigtime rappers like ‘A Boogie Wit da Hoodie’ and ‘Meek Mill’ with their lyrical storytelling  abilities and chill vibes.


Creating songs is not the easiest task, especially when you do not have the right equipment. For example, Vongsa’s new song, “I don’t need you” will be dropping very soon; it took three weeks to write the lyrics, make a beat and combine everything to create a nice flow.


Vongsa has faced other obstacles in his goal of making it big. He doesn’t have all the money in the world, so his first prototype was made with ordinary microphones that made the sound echo and have some static background noise. The first time I recorded I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I just recorded and came up with something,” said Vongsa.


After many months of working part time at Vons, he saved enough  money for new equipment and was able to record using higher quality machines.


He plans release his new mixtape on May 20th, and hopes to have his name known in this new day and age of many rappers. “I’m excited for the mixtape to drop and can’t wait to finally listen to his songs,” shared Aldo Arboleya, one of Vongsa’s biggest supporters.


Vongsa is motivated to become successful with his new song and get people ready for his mixtape. “This song will cause too much heat it may melt all the ice in Antarctica,” said Vongsa jokingly, in one of his typical shows of bravado. With this confidence, Vongsa may just make it.

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Clairemont Rappers Saving the Rap Game