Students Track Phone Usage

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Students Track Phone Usage

Heidy Amaro, Staff Writer

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Smartphones are ingenious tools that bring an infinite amount of information to our fingertips. However, this device has also rendered this generation antisocial and riddled with anxiety.

For about two weeks, I began to record my phone usage. Looking at the amount of time I spend on my phone was a real wake up call to start reducing the amount of time I use it. On average these two weeks my daily usage time is 335 minutes, or about six hours. I also use my phone most during 10pm and 11pm. I didn’t realize it as much but I know I am too dependable on my phone for everyday things. Technology is great for entertainment, but it becomes a problem when I should be doing my school work.

I asked some classmates to participate in recording their average phone usage; Emily Baros (freshman), Isaak Vilchis (freshman), Jenna Dierkes (freshman), Evan Reinas (sophomore), Ethan Diefenbach (freshman). Baros has daily average that was slightly less than five hours. Diefenbach has a daily average of about an hour. Vilchis has a daily average of about five hours. Reinas has a daily average of almost seven hours. Lastly, Dierkes has a daily average of about four and a half hours. The average of all our data is about five hours.

           Some of my peers had similar views to mine. “I was surprised that I used my phone that much, I have no words to describe how society uses their phones a lot more than they think they do.” says Dierkes. Vilchis says, “I’m not that surprised that I had a lot of screen time, I know I use my phone a lot.”

           A great way to reduce the amount of screen time one has is to download an app that tracks your phone usage. On some apps you have the option to set a daily limit, this can help you keep tabs and remain aware of the time you spend on your smartphone.

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Students Track Phone Usage