The Center for Humane Technology is Here to Save Humanity

Audrey Cummings, Staff Writer

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In the last few years, technology has quickly mutated from an aid to human well-being to a weapon with a means of controlling human behavior.


Technology was initially instilled to put humanity’s best interest first–robots that detect cancer and drones that drop nutrients to third world countries–but has quickly turned into a form of injurious cyberbullying and a way to gage how “pretty” you are. In contemporary society the implementation of technology has led to skyrocketing child suicides. The “hijacking” of our technology has led to mental health problems, a decrease in attention span, and the corruption of our relationships and youth.


The Center for Humane Technology is an online institution that aims on solving all of the aforementioned problems with modern-day technology, attempting to aim technology towards humanity’s best interest instead of the nefarious and sometimes convoluted purpose it now serves. By taking the initiative to address this problem, the Center for Humane Technology is set on saving the human race as we know it.  According to experts at the center, it is imperative that anyone who utilizes technology follow the Center’s steps in “taking control” of our devices in order to take control of our lives again.


It’s no secret that humanity’s intentions with technology have taken a turn for the worse. Studies conducted by the CyberBullyHotline have found that “42% of teens with access to technology are cyberbullied,” and 20% of cyberbullied children think about suicide, with one in ten attempting it. The unfortunate truth, according to the hotline, is that 4,500 kids commit suicide every year.


Policy makers need to propose an end to these alarming statistics. The Center for Humane Technology’s shares the mission of altering modern day technology into a design that doesn’t deter user’s mental health. Many may argue that it is too late to regain the lives already lost to cyberbullying, but in the Center’s eyes, it is never too late to prevent more from happening.


Another negative correlation evidenced by the Center is the strain technology takes on our social relationships. The Center’s website elaborates on how “Instagram glorifies the picture-perfect life, eroding self worth.”


Social media is the typical “perfect neighbor” stereotype; their perfect kids, dream vacation, and beautiful house. We can’t escape looking out of our windows and constantly seeing how much better other’s lives are, and it takes an immense toll on how we act and view ourselves. Huffington Post has linked social media to “…higher levels of loneliness…depression…and decreased social skills.”


What’s perfect about the Center for Humane Technology is that it is run by the creators of Google and Facebook. The men who created these programs noticed that the software they created is not being utilized for the purposes they intended, and being on the inside has given them more credibility in the push for redirecting technology to its best interest. Or is it simply good public relations?


The Center describes contemporary social media platforms as a “zero-sum solution,” meaning that the companies get huge profits and everybody else gets nothing in return. People like creator Tristan Harris, previous CEO of Apture (Google company), understand the correlation between a company’s bad intentions and the negative impact it is having on society.


With the prior knowledge and experience of a team of previous Silicon Valley CEOs, innovators, and psychologists, the Center has created scientific steps in removing deleterious technology. Simple steps like removing social media, transitioning to a grayscale layout, or sending audio notes instead of texting can create a better environment for all users.


It is undeniable that technology has slipped away from humanity’s best interests, and thousands of lives are being lost due to this fact. There are some technological aspects that benefit our community, but in reality technology has become more detrimental than advantageous to the human race.


Many argue that the Center for Humane Technology is counterproductive, but in reality they are the only organization striving to prevent a global outrage. The Center offers tens of steps that can help every user utilize technology for good, and it is crucial that everyone follow them to ensure a productive and bountiful future.