Uniforms Are The New Orange

Photo by Cowan and Lweis

Photo by Cowan and Lweis

Erin Murphy, 9th

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There is a dramatic change occurring for the Chieftains after it announced on April 1st that students attending Clairemont High School for the 2018-2019 school year will be required to wear uniforms.

Math teacher Mr. S. Ike says that with the uniforms it will make a better learning environment and have the school look better together as a whole. He believes that it is going to give an altogether a positive effect on the school.

“Having the uniforms will create a much better learning environment for those of all grades, and it will be less distracting with every student wearing the same clothing. Another plus for having the uniforms is that it will have our school looking more organized and nicer,” said Mr. S. Ike.

The first day wearing mandatory uniforms begins May 1, 2018. The new dress code will start immediately in May so that the students and parents will be used to wearing the skirts, skorts, shorts, and slacks before next year starts up.

The question being asked is what do the uniforms look like?

The uniforms will be different depending on the gender. The males will be required to wear either royal blue pants or shorts. For the shirt, it will be an orange button up polo shirt.

The females will be required to wear either royal blue shorts, pants, or skirts. The shirt will be the same as the boys.

This action will be affecting the students and staff working and attending Clairemont high.

Students and teachers have many different opinions on this change for the school. One of our Academy of Business biology teachers Mr. F. Ool said, “I’m not very fond of having to wear the same clothing as my students.”

Clairemont freshmen I. M. Fulynnu said, “I believe that this is a good change for our school. It is going to make getting up earlier in the mornings so much easier because I would not have to decide what to wear.”

There is also feedback from the students giving their opinion on the uniforms. They are upset that they will no longer have the freedom to wear what they want.

Junior P. Rank said, “I feel that when we’re able to wear what we want it gives everyone more character, but when we are all wearing uniforms it makes us look exactly the same.”

For some of the days during the school year, there will be a “Free Dress Day,” where anyone can wear any clothing they would like, but will still have to follow a certain dress code. This day will help students become more comfortable knowing they won’t have to wear the uniforms every single day of the school year.

A possible positive for students to wear the uniforms is the amount of money parents use in clothing purchases, and students will not have to worry about what they have to wear each day.

Hopefully, all students and staff are ready to contribute and participate in the new change.