Frats Cause Deaths On College Campus’

Natalie Meins

Maddie Jacobs, Staff Writer

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In a place where education and dreams of the future should be in the forefront of students minds there are still things that certain college students would rather focus on. College can be a place of self exploration and a lot of times a party scene fraternities are taking advantage of this in how they are getting new people to join.

There were four deaths in 2017 due to fraternity hazing. The victims were between the ages of 18 and 20. The deaths all followed the college students drinking too much alcohol even though they were under the legal age limit for alcohol consumption. The colleges that the students attended include Texas State University, Florida State University, Penn State University and Louisiana State University.

A fraternity by definition is a group of persons associated by or as if by ties of brotherhood. Some college students will choose to join a fraternity, also known as a frat, in hopes of being involved with a group of people who they will be friends with for their four years of college and possibly after, but with how dangerous it is becoming to try and join a frat, or to rush, the stakes for brotherhood are high. In the four deaths mentioned, during their rush they were given deadly amounts of alcohol at parties that were monitored poorly if at all.  

Many people will argue that fraternity hazing doesn’t happen often enough for that to be the image that overpowers all of the charity work frats do. After all fraternities could be compared to being on a sports team in college in the sense that there are certain requirements with grades and extracurriculars that the students need to achieve to stay in the frat.   While these things are true, it really just hides what is happening on the inside of the frat house to outsiders.

Students are going to extremes to join frats so they can be accepted and apart of a group of people to spend there college years with. The reality is that at least four students last year wanted to be apart of a fraternity so badly that they lost everything including their lives.