Clairemont Theater is Alive

Mackenzie Little, Opinion Editor

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    Students at Clairemont High School may not know theater is still happening at their school, but it is. In a very “dramatic” turn of events, CHS lost it’s theater teacher and it’s program then regained both, albeit with a new instructor.

     The history of the theater program made its loss all the more controversial, as CHS has long had a thriving and respected program. When the program was cut last year fans of the arts in the community  were traumatized.

       Last year Clairemont High School theater program got cut, thankfully, Clairemont history teacher Margaret Moore–who has a minor in theater- stepped up and took over as theater teacher. When theater students found out that it would be cut the upcoming year, many were heartbroken. “I actually cried when I heard the news,” said Cameron Barnes a junior at Clairemont High and Stage Manager for the upcoming winter play. “The possibility of theater being cut frustrated me so much because the arts have been dying the past couple of years. It’s such a disrespected profession and hobby, even though everyone is involved with is in some way like watching TV,” said Aiden Krone the Thespian Club President at Clairemont High.

       Theatre has been a large part of many students lives for many years. “I have been interested in the performing arts since I was a little kid. In high school theater became my favorite because I felt like it was part of my family. Theater was a place where I could be myself without being judged, and I could take creative risks.” said Nicole Cantalupo, the new Director for Clairemont High Theatre, “When I found out that the program had been cut and they were looking for someone to keep theater alive, I knew it was where I wanted to be.” Cantalupo has been coming to Clairemont to see our plays since she was in high school. Cantalupo has been warmly welcomed to the Thespian family at Clairemont. When asked if students liked the new director they answered with sincere positivity. “Yes I do, she is very kind and she has high hopes for this school year,” says Barnes, “The new director is so lovely because she is just as passionate as we are about this company and is willing to do everything to keep theater alive”

   Thanks to Mrs. Moore and Nicole Cantalupo, theater is alive and well at Clairemont High. The theater company put on “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” on December 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th at 7pm. “I chose this play because I think it is a fun and magical story that has so many creative possibilities. I also wanted to direct a show that is good for families so that CHS can welcome in the whole Clairemont community,” said Cantalupo. Nicole Cantalupo is ready to get the Clairemont community involved in the arts.

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Clairemont Theater is Alive